Here you will learn all the details of WP-PREMIUM PACK support services.

WP-PREMIUM Membership Support details:

  • 24/7 General Assistance chat covers simple technical issues that do not involve complex and long troubleshooting;
  • Technical support via ticket system is available Monday through Friday;
  • Information on item updates;
  • Questions on features or technical details of items;
  • Opened tickets status updates.

Things WP-PREMIUM Membership Support does not cover:

  • All things related to customization, installation, or any requests related to the modification of items.

If your question does not match our support policy, you will be offered a corresponding paid service.

1. Item documentation

The most frequent questions (that relate to the most popular issues) are already answered in the item documentation or help section. Make sure that you refer to these sources before submitting a ticket. Please check if your question matches fully our support policy.

2. What’s included in item support?

  1. Subscription support periodThe support period depends on your active subscription plan.

    Yearly Unlimited Plan
    All products included in WP-PREMIUM subscription are covered by free support services that are provided for 1 year from the date of purchase.
    Lifetime Unlimited Plan
    All products included in WP-PREMIUM subscription are covered by free support services that are provided for 1 year from the date of purchase. If needed you can purchase extended support services after the expiration of the free support period.
  2. Ticket Response time
    Response time may vary depending on the number of active support sessions, nature of your request, and whether a question has already been answered or support was already provided. Keep in mind that technical support for complex questions is provided only via the ticket system from Monday through Friday.
  3. Questions about items use
    During your active support period, you can get answers to general questions about items or how to use them. For example, if you ask a question: “How do I make my homepage look like it was on the preview?” You may get a response in a bunch of formats including a link to an already documented response (e.g. in the Product documentation or FAQs).
  4. Technical questions about items
    During active support period, you can get answers to technical questions:
    Questions about the features and functionalities of items

    In all requests related to this matter, you will get answers regarding the item’s use and how to get the most out of its functionalities.
    Help with defects in an item
    While your free support period is active you can report or discuss bugs aka minor item defects while getting assistance on reported bugs.

3. What’s not included in item support?

  1. Customization of items
    Free support does not include items modification services or any other requests aimed at extending items features or styles beyond the original set. To be able to tailor any item to your specific requirements you’re welcome to get a specific service from any item’s page, or you can contact our General Assistance chat from your account to get info on customization services provided by WP-PREMIUM
  2. Installation of items
    All users have a different skill set as well as a range of software they use for web purposes. To be able to use all items to the full you need to have a working knowledge of the software and technologies for which items were created. Free support does not include help with the installation of an item on your server or a CMS. In case you need to have your item installed you can order the corresponding service from the item’s page, or you can contact us via live chat to order installation service performed by WP-PREMIUM.
  3. Hosting, server settings or third party software
    Web hosting, server environment, or any third party software-related questions are not the areas of concern of our free support. When any similar questions arise, please refer to your ISP, web hosting provider or software documentation to solve an issue.

4. Language of support

At WP-PREMIUM Membership support services are provided in English.