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  • Review and Tutorial
  • Review and Tutorial
  • Review and Tutorial
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Date : August 9, 2020
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Location : UAE

Deriv com Review and Tutorial 2020

Best for beginners & Expert Traders

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Easy flexible. Reliable

50+ tradable assets and growing

$0.35 minimum stake

1s – 365d flexible trade duration

>200% potential payou

Trading Forex, Commodity, Artificial and Stock Index

20+ years’ experience built

100+ tradable assets

24×7 trading, fast price, hard spread

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Trading platform

DTrader (Trading made simple)

DBot (Automate you’re trading ideas without writing code)

DMT5 (The all-in-one FX and CFD trading platform)

Smart Trader (easiest trading platform)

Types of trade

Margin trading

What is margin trading?

First of all, a margin is a deposit that is needed to open a profitable position – this is the position that is larger than your investment. So margin trading allows you to buy large units of this asset at a fraction of the price to increase market exposure even if you are trading with limited capital.

This means that with the same capital, you will be able to buy more assets. When you win a trade and obviously, when you lose the result is more significant.

The relationship between margin and leverage

These terms, often used interchangeably in online trading, are somewhat different in meaning. Like margins, leverage allows you to control a trading position that is larger than your capital.

However, when expressed in ratios such as 50: 1, 100: 1, 400: 1, the margin is expressed as a percentage of the amount required to open the position, for example, 2 ٪, 1 ٪ and 0.25.

Based on the allowed margin, you will be able to make the most of your business.

Why trade on margin with

High leverage, low spread

Take advantage of high leverage and low spread on MT5.

All favorite bazaars available

In addition to all popular markets, trade on our proprietary artificial indicators that are available 24/7.

Go long and short

Open up long and short positions depending on your preferred trading strategy.

Expert and friendly cooperation

Get expert, friendly support when you need it.

Instant access

Open an account and start trading in minutes.

How Margin Contracts Work

If we give an example, the price of one lot (100,000 euros) of a Euro / USD pair with a unit price of US 1. 1.10 would be US 110 110,000. However, with a 1% margin, you can open a position worth 110,000 USD for just 1,100. Taking advantage of 100: 1 will give you the same level of market exposure as trading at 1 margin.

How to calculate product margin on

When trading on, you can calculate the allowed margin for the contract using one of the following formulas:

Leverage Formula: This formula calculates the margin by volume in lot x lot size x asset value / leverage = margin. The leverage formula is used to determine the margin for a foreign currency pair and a commodity pair.

Derivative margin policies

When trading on, we may use stop-out and forced liquidation measures to protect your account from losses that may exceed your equity. Equity, in this case, is the amount of your balance and floating profit and loss (PnL).

These measures are implemented when the level of margin, ie the ratio of equity to margin, falls below the stop-out level (usually 50%). When this happens, we will initiate a forced liquidation process to close your positions in the following order:

First, we will delete the order by the largest margin.

If your margin level is still below the stopout level, the second largest margin position will be deleted but orders without margin requirements will not be affected.

If your margin level is still below the stopout level, we will close this position with the highest loss.

We will continue with this process until your margin level exceeds the stopout level.

Things you should know when trading on margin

Margins increase both potential profits and losses

Trading on margins increases your market visibility, thus increasing both your potential profits and losses.

Stop the damage

You can use stop loss tools to minimize potential losses and reduce the chances of margin calls.

Margin call

You can open positions when you receive a margin call, but we recommend that you add funds to your account to continue your position.

Margin requirements

Margin requirements can vary depending on the asset you want to trade, the equity in your account, your account type, and market conditions.


What are the options?

Options are products that allow payments by predicting market movements, without the need to purchase a movable asset. Asset time that is predicted in which you only need to open a position. How to move from time to time. This makes it possible for people to participate in financial markets with minimal investment.

Options available on

You can trade the following options on

Digital options that allow you to predict results from two possible outcomes and receive a fixed payment if your prediction is correct.

Lickbacks that allow you to receive payments depending on the maximum or minimum you can get through the market during the contract period.

Fixed, predictable payment

Know your potential profit or loss before buying a contract.

All favorite markets and more

In addition to all popular markets, trade on our proprietary artificial indicators that are available 24/7.

Instant access

Open an account

Mention when calling seller to get a good deal